Fairness towards all is one of our core values. Therefore, Rizzani de Eccher ensures that each current and new employee receives fair treatment based on merit, without discrimination based on gender, religion, ethnic background or of any other kind. Our uncompromising commitment to our workforce indicates that all employees are treated with dignity, respect and transparency.

We consider diversity as one of our competitive advantages. A key aspect of this competitiveness is our global and diverse workforce that encompasses employees from many different cultural backgrounds.

Since the initiation of Rizzani de Eccher, we have completed projects for clients from different backgrounds and origins; the goal is for our workforce to reflect this same diversity. We boast workforce from more than 45 nationalities working at different locations and projects. We have projects and activities in locations worldwide, spanning the Middle East to Africa and as far as to Singapore to Australia. One fundamental part of our recruitment policy has always been to recruit local staff.



Rizzani de Eccher works to be the best company to work for, where men and women can develop their careers with total equality of opportunity and to generate a culture that promotes work-life balance in all areas.

We are determined that there should be no gender-based pay inequity in all businesses and countries where we operate.

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