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One of the Group’s main objectives is to enhance human capital. The planning, selection, organisation and development of resources are key processes for the company’s success. Responsible, competent and loyal people, capable of interacting with complex realities and adapting to the needs of customers and the market are one of the main factors of competitiveness of the company. The sector in which the Group operates, as well as the dynamism and internationalisation of the company, requires organised people capable of creating synergies and integration between managerial, technical and commercial skills that meet customer needs and generate added value even in highly complex contexts.

These objectives are achieved through processes focused on the enhancement of resources and their potential, the selection of the best talents, the definition of training and career paths aimed at development, motivation and creation of a sense of belonging, as well as the evaluation and recognition of merit and results. The company believes in an inclusive dynamic of human resources management: workers must have equal opportunities without regard to ethnic origin, skin colour, gender, religion, political views, nationality, social background or other characteristics that might distinguish them.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) 

The protection of the health, safety and physical and mental integrity of employees has always been regarded as the the Group’s most valuable asset. That is why the Group has always been committed to developing and promoting a strong safety culture throughout the world, in order to ensure a healthy and safe working environment.


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9 June 2024
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QHSE Coordinator

Rizzani de Eccher / Italia

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