Why Rizzani de Eccher

Rizzani de Eccher is an international business group, leader in the construction and engineering sector, which promotes ethical, social, and environmental principles in its relations with workers, customers, and suppliers in order to improve the well-being of society.



Rizzani de Eccher is a vibrant environment with a multinational workforce characterized by a competitive and result-focused drive.

We are proud to emphasize that our company culture is not only exceptional, but also vital to continuous progress and resilience. Rizzani de Eccher’s impeccable achievements were not attained by mere luck but by unrelenting hard work.


Nevertheless, the decisive factor all through the decades manifests itself in the set of unique cultural traits that define us.
The distinctive culture embedded in Rizzani de Eccher is based on Family Values of Integrity, Loyalty, Humility and Honesty.


The sense of belonging employees experience and the prevailing family atmosphere, inevitably leads to a stimulating, vibrant and dynamic environment, despite its geographical spread.

Rizzani de Eccher is a second home to all Rizzani de Eccher’s family members.


The Group makes the best use of the family-run businesses It is not only a workplace but a setting through which the company manifests its long-term commitment to its employees and their families, and expects all employees to act as in a big family, adopting RDE’s culture.

The enduring dedication is evident by the fact that our employees have been with us for an average of 12 years. These delightfully long periods of time, demonstrate that our employees regard us more than just an attractive employer.

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International experience is actively promoted within Rizzani de Eccher with mobility of staff between various geographic locations. This ensures that experience in one country is quickly disseminated to other countries. A ‘best practice’ is achieved across international boundaries. Rizzani de Eccher has a strong international presence demonstrated by the number of projects being executed in various locations, the diversification of its clients and the nationality of its staff. From various offices, Rizzani de Eccher has completed numerous projects in over forty countries and currently has employees from over 45 nationalities – “INTERNATIONAL” is truly at the core of Rizzani .

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