The parent company Rizzani de Eccher SpA has established an integrated management system, based on internationally recognized schemes and methodologies, aimed at developing, implementing and maintaining organizational, management and control models, aimed at increasing its performance and in line with company policies.

Below are the main documents advertised on the site:

  • The integrated company policy QHSE (Download .pdf), includes guidelines and guidelines related to health and safety (ISO 45001 – Download .pdf), quality (ISO 9001 – Download .pdf), environment (ISO 14001 – Download .pdf) and road safety (ISO 39001 – Download .pdf)
  • Corporate Sustainability Policy (Download .pdf)
  • Company Policy on Alcohol and Drugs (Download .pdf)
  • Stop Work Corporate Policy (Download .pdf)
  • Corruption Prevention Policy (Download .pdf)
  • Code of Ethics (Download .pdf)
  • Integrated Management System Manual with 6 different certifications (Download .pdf) providing the reader with a practical guide on the structure of business management systems, the main sections and related documents to be used to cover every organizational need and standard requirement.

The systems and models of organization, management and control also apply to subsidiaries, investee and purpose companies, which may eventually have their own more specialized certified system, which must in any case be consistent with the guiding principles of the parent company Rizzani de Eccher.

Among the primary objectives of the companies of the de Eccher Group there is certainly that of building works by offering satisfactory products and services with the highest levels of quality and performance aimed at the total satisfaction of its customers and all interested parties, while promoting the protection of the environment and the territory in all its forms, the protection of the health, safety, integrity and dignity of all the resources involved, adopting a firm and absolutely forbidden approach to any form of corruption.

The Environment

Environmental protection and the promotion of sustainable development have become some of the key factors in the design, construction and management of projects coordinated by Group companies. The management of environmental aspects within Rizzani de Eccher is directly related to the environmental impacts of the activities of its subsidiaries and the environmental performance of the buildings and infrastructure they build and often maintain for their customers, particularly in the construction sector.

In this field, the emphasis is placed on meeting all applicable legal requirements and others also associated with the identified environmental aspects, as well as minimizing and at source, the environmental impacts arising from the activities of the different business areas, to ensure that the Company’s activities can be developed in a sustainable way.

The systems and models of organization, management and control of the Group’s companies, where its policies and ethical codes are an integral part of it, attest to its will and responsibility, also environmental, in order to contribute to the pillar of sustainability.

The Top Management has identified, or in its own structure, internal compliance structures, having the responsibility and authority for the elaboration, updating, control of its systems and organizational models. The assigned activities are that of “Risk-Based Thinking”; in fact, the factors that could divert business processes and the expected results of its production and management system are evaluated and mitigated.

Sustainable Development Goals

The de Eccher Group has long been on a path to contribute to global development by promoting human well-being and protecting the environment; the above in accordance with the United Nations’ objectives of sustainability.

The de Eccher Group, approaching this framework, has conducted an assessment of the impacts of the activities carried out, on the priorities and global aspirations for 2030 defined in the 17 sustainable development objectives, recalibrating its business strategies.

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