A major part of Rizzani de Eccher group activities has, right from the beginning, been carried out in the field of infrastructure and large-scale projects. These numerous, widely differing experiences acquired over the course of several decades, have contributed to the fund of know-how that today is the group’s main strength, underpinning Rizzani de Eccher’s ongoing expansion. Experience, organizational ability and a significant fleet of construction vehicles and equipment mean that Rizzani de Eccher is outstandingly versatile player in the field of a large-scale projects, both in Italy and elsewhere around the world.

Rizzani de Eccher has been involved in transportation engineering and general infrastructures for over a century, with specialization becoming one of its strong points.

The development of Italy’s highway and railway network in a complex geo-morphological environment has required the research and development of ever more sophisticated technologies, conferring the Group an unrivalled wealth of experience in dealing with extremely complex projects.

Leveraging off these capabilities, Rizzani de Eccher turned to the global marketplace, thus executing landmark infrastructure projects in many countries, from Central America to the USA and Canada, from Russia to the Central Asia Republics, from Africa to the Middle East, from Great Britain to Turkey.

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