Dubai Red and Green Metro Lines

State-of-art elevated metro line in the heart of Dubai, representing the longest fully automated metro network in the world at the time

Mass Transit
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Bridges & Viaducts, Mass Transit
  • Completed: 2009


Total investment


  • Length of Red Line 42.9 km;
  • Length Green Line 14.5 km;
  • Number of spans: 1,778;
  • Deck surface 593,000 sqm.


Design and construction of the 60 km-long raised deck of the Red and Green Lines of the Dubai Metropolitan network. At the time, the longest fully automated metro network in the world.
The elevated viaduct was both of the segmental span by span and balanced cantilever types. Overslung launching girders, falseworks and cranes, as well as lifting frames were used to built the structure.

The impressive prefabrication yard spread over 540,000 sqm. It included 53 mold casting positions and 10 gantry cranes. This equipment allowed the production of more than 16,000 precast concrete segments in just 20 months, employing 1,100 workers and 90 people of managerial and technical staff.

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Rizzani de Eccher Deal

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