Millenium Line Vancouver

One of the most scenic light railway lines in a dense area of Vancouver

Mass Transit
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Bridges & Viaducts, Mass Transit
  • Completed: 2001


  • Deck area 124,000 sqm;
  • Length 17,290 m;
  • Number of spans 480,
  • Length of spans 20-90 m.


Design and construction of the Millennium Line elevated concrete guideway, running through Lougheed and New Westminster and intersecting with the expo LRT line, consisting of a 17 km-long viaduct.
For the construction, both balanced cantilever and span-by span methods were employed.

The design and construction of the new Millennium Line Rapid Transit system is a remarkable achievement on many levels. The system opened in August 2002, on budget and on a fast-track 4 year schedule, with an array of distinct architecturally designed stations sharing a common language of transparency, light and neighborhood welcome.

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