Singapore Light Railway System

The first rapid light transport built in Singapore

Mass Transit
  • Singapore
  • Mass Transit
  • Completed: 1999


Total investment


  • Total length 7,7 km;
  • Tight turning radius (down to 60 m);
  • Total number of segments 2,626;
  • Total number of spans 260 (35-68 m).


Design and construction of a viaduct superstructure of the Bukit-Panjang LRT system, including provision of labor, precast and erection equipment, and engineering services.
The 7,7 km-long elevated line includes 14 stations, providing easy passage and connection to other means of transportation in the city. The fully-automated service runs with 2-4 minutes frequency during peak hours, and 6 minutes frequency during the rest of the day.
The project faced several technical challenges: in particular, the elevated guideline was often located in close proximity to high-rise residential buildings, with a tight tunrning radius (down to 60 m). Construction also required numerous diversions of underground services.
The segmental construction method, with the use of launching girders, was firstly introduced in Singapore with this project.

Companies involved

Rizzani de Eccher Deal

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