Teatro 1 Residential Complex

New cutting-edge building with strong sustainability features in the heart of Udine

Residential Buildings 
  • Udine, Italy
  • Residential Buildings 
  • Completed: 2013


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  • Total area 10,000 sqm;
  • Certified as Class A+;
  • Highly efficient energy consumption (30 kw/sqm per year, 3 l/sqm per year of diesel);
  • Certified as a “green building” (zero CO2 emission levels, extensive use of natural materials);
  • Fully automated systems of lighting and ventilation.


Construction of “Teatro 1”, a new residential complex located in Udine’s Old Town, close to the Giovanni da Udine Theater.
The project is an excellent example of sustainable building construction, with renewable energy technology and eco-sustainability as the very basis of the design. The complex has 7 above-ground floors, an underground parking lot, and an internal garden that features modern and ecological landscaping, including the green roof of the covered walkway.
The apartments (ranging from studios to 3-bedroom flats) have at least 2 open spaces (balcony or terrace) orientated at different cardinal points, in order to fully utilize and appreciate natural sunlight.
Teatro 1 is certified as a Class A+ energy consumption building under Casa Clima, thanks to the use of renewable sources (photovoltaic panels and rainwater collection) and the highly efficient energy consumption. It is also certified as a “green building” for zero CO2 emission levels and the extensive use of natural materials.
Lighting and ventilation are controlled by fully automated yet adjustable (via time programming) systems.

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