Terme di Merano Spa Complex

Design & Build of one of the most advanced wellness complex in Italy

Hotels & Resorts
  • Merano, Italy
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Completed: 2006


Total investment


  • Energy-saving technologies (low-temperature heating, 2 wells, co-generating electricity system);
  • 25 outdoor and indoor pools (total area 2,050 sqm);
  • 8 saunas (1,400 sqm);
  • Spa & fitness center (2,000 sqm);
  • 26 rooms with special treatment facilities.


Design and construction of the Merano Spa & wellness complex, whose main structure – the large transparent cube of glass set among the alpine mountains – is over 14 m high.
The Terme employ energy-saving technologies, such as low-temperature heating, two wells that save up to 8 million liters of water per year, and a co-generating electricity system.
The Merano Terme complex, able to welcome up to 35,000 visitors per year, includes 25 outdoor and indoor pools, 8 saunas, a spa & fitness center, and 26 rooms with special treatment facilities.
The total landscaping area is 33,400 sqm, providing a green park in the complex’s center – a perfect relaxation place, with a lily pond, a rose garden, a thermal spring pool, and other special features.

Companies involved

Rizzani de Eccher De Eccher Interiors

Our group

General contracting

Specialized contracting

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