Grand Hotel Des Bains

A glamorous hotel with a prestigious history

Restoration & Refurbishment
  • Venice, Italy
  • Hotels & Resorts, Restoration & Refurbishment
  • Completed: 2008




  • 154 rooms
  • 19 suites
  • Opened in 1900
  • In the course of its prestigious history it has hosted the likes of Henry Ford, Robert De Niro, Liz Taylor and King Farouk of Egypt.


The Grand Hotel Des Bains is a historic five-star hotel on the Venice Lido. Designed and built in a sober Liberty style by the Venetian brothers Raffaello and Francesco Marsich, the building consists of a central six-story body and two lateral five-story bodies, immersed in a park created from an age-old wood full of multiple varieties of plants.
On 19 February 2008 a fire broke out inside it and affected the central body of the complex, in particular the wooden floors. The renovation works of the damaged premises were entrusted to SACAIM who carried them out in just over 4 months, bringing the hotel back to its former glory.

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