Contarini Fasan Palace

A beautiful Gothic palace with very elegant fretwork balconies, considered one of the most elaborate piece of architecture in Venice.

Restoration & Refurbishment
  • Venice, Italy
  • Restoration & Refurbishment
  • Completed: 2017


  • Built in the XV Century
  • 3 levels
  • Traditionally considered the home of Desdemona, a character of the tragedy by William Shakespeare.


The works carried out involved a series of conservation and restoration maintenance interventions as well as minor interventions to modify the distribution of the building.

The interventions carried out are mainly of distribution and plant redevelopment of the housing units located on the ground, second and third floors, through limited architectural interventions on the light walls, new plant distribution passages in furniture or in existing passages / cavities or external additions to the existing walls, and a maintenance of the architectural finishes and new furnishing interventions.


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