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Two centuries of innovation

With almost two hundred years of history, we centre our efforts on projects in different areas with the commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction by offering innovative, high-quality, well-engineered cost-effective projects

We are a family company headquartered in Udine in north-eastern Italy, operating globally. We are driven by our core values that are transparency, safety, environmental sustainability, and excellence in everything we do.
We strive to deliver projects through superior performance. Our objective is to add-value all throughout the project process, contributing to the long-term success of our clients, partners, employees and all stakeholders.

Rizzani de Eccher is an Italian leader in the international construction market and has executed projects in over 70 countries. Professionalism and flexibility combined with unparalleled technical skills and careful risk management, allow the Group to deal simultaneously with complex and articulated activities in diverse environments.
The Group is active in various sectors of engineering, design and construction. The company is the compendium of the experience and skills of various operational divisions, coordinated and managed in a unitary way. We are specialized in general contracting for general building and infrastructure projects, as well as engineering and special equipment for bridges and viaducts. Within the Group, we also have units specialized in complex restorations of historical and classed buildings, the turn-key fit-out of interiors including furniture and equipment, and a real estate development unit.
The skilful combination of experience and know-how have secured the company a strong reputation and a solid market position, in both domestic and international markets. To confirm its strong international vocation as a nimble and efficient exporter, the Group currently derives 80% from overseas markets.



Innovation and total quality
Progress has given an extraordinary boost to the development of civil engineering. As a result, our clients have become increasingly demanding, in terms of both quality and value for money. Rizzani de Eccher has always laid the emphasis on innovation and quality as means to improve and enhance its own competitiveness. By developing new construction technologies and expanding its know-how, the Group has increased its range of activities both at home and abroad, with the very highest quality standards. The Group commitment to quality is testified by the numerous certification has obtained.

The World, our market
We are not constrained by boundaries. While other companies generally strive to acquire and tenaciously hold onto specific geographical market areas, Rizzani de Eccher is extremely mobile, seeking out commissions in any location where its know-how enables the Group to be competitive and a solid value-add candidate. For that reason, the Group has operated and is now operating in many different countries. Rizzani de Eccher has been able to mobilize rapidly and adapt to local conditions, recruiting and training an increasingly multi-ethnic workforce, which today constitutes the Group’s biggest asset. Believing in the value of individuals, regardless of their background, Rizzani de Eccher has been able to establish a strong meritocratic culture and feels at home anywhere in the world.


For almost two hundred years we have been building value. We learned to do it in our land of origin, assimilating the teachings and traditions of a secular experience. Over time, we have brought skills, knowledge and energy to the world, to grow and achieve ever-improving results. We did so, by encouraging communication and integration within all Group members. These key tenets are at the foundation of our success.

From the headquarters in Udine, the de Eccher Group coordinates all its activities in Italy and worldwide.


The de Eccher Group engineers and builds projects all over the world that are essential to progress and development, from fundamental infrastructure projects for developing countries to projects that are aimed at enhancing sustainability and quality of life in the developed world The overriding mission is to create value, by building projects that do not only yield economic returns, but have far reaching benefits on society and its welfare. In doing so, the protection of the environment and the safety of our workers are our key priorities.

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