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From its roots in the Friuli region, a land of great traditions in the art of building, Gruppo de Eccher has successfully combined the most sophisticated and advanced restoration technologies with the utmost respect for age-old construction traditions.  Milan’s Grand Central Station sprawls over an area of 223,000 sqm and is utilised by 120 million passengers each year. The renovation project to recover vast disused areas was carried out in challenging conditions, with the station fully open and works proceeding around the clock.
Preserving our heritage:
Deep experience, faithfulness in recovery, extreme attention to detail and the choice of materials, have allowed Rizzani de Eccher to revive works that seemed completely destroyed, such as the Gran Teatro La Fenice, devastated by a terrible fire.
The expansion of the Great Galleries of the Academy, the consolidation of the Campanile di San Marco, in Venice and the restoration of the Palladian Basilica, symbol and socio-cultural heart of the city of Vicenza, are just some of the most prestigious interventions.
Together with the work we undertake on high profile sites, we apply the same level of care and attention to any building which contains heritage features. Our historic building and heritage experts manage complicated aspects of design, building, renovation and maintenance on heritage sites, such as retaining historic facades and managing work on ancient monument, as well as listed buildings.

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