Miami Metro Orange Line

Construction of the Miami Metro Orange Line in the heart of the city

Mass Transit
  • Miami, USA
  • Bridges & Viaducts, Mass Transit
  • Completed: 2012


  • 5 single-track + 8 double-track bridges;
  • Total number of segments 567;
  • Max. span length 78,8 m.


The Miami Metro Orange Line is located in central Miami-Dade and connects the Miami Intermodal Center rental car facility to the existing elevated guideway of the Earlington Heights metro rail station.
Rizzani de Eccher was responsible for the construction of the elevated metrorail deck, composed by 5 single-track bridges and 8 dual-track bridges, for a total of 567 segments and a deck area of 13.586 sqm. The elevated deck was constructed with both the beams and cast-in-place deck and segments methods for the long-span bridges.
The free balanced cantilever was chosen as the erection method for all bridges, with the only difference that double-track bridges were erected by lifting frames, while single-track bridges by crane. The full scope of work included PCY lease and permits, PCY design and installation, precasting of segments (including the supply of rebar, concrete, and PT materials), segment transportation, and deck construction.

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