Metro Manila Mass Rail Transit – Line 2

Urban rail transit system serving Metro Manila

Mass Transit
  • Manila, Philippines
  • Bridges & Viaducts, Mass Transit
  • Completed


Total investment


  • Deck area 95,500 m2;
  • Length 13,531 m;
  • Number of spans 459;
  • Max span 60 m;
  • Number of segments 4,947.


Design and construction of a viaduct superstructure of 13.5 km in the area of Manila, including provision of labour, precast and erection equipment, and engineering services.
The elevated guideway is part of the Purple Line 2 passing along the East-West corridor through 5 cities of Metro Manila.
The structure is mostly built with twin concrete box girders, with a typical span of 25 m. In more elaborate parts, such as crossovers and long spans, single double-cell box sections were used instead.
Both cantilever and span-by-span methods were employed.

Companies involved

Rizzani de Eccher Deal

Our group

General contracting

Specialized contracting

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