Venice-Mestre Tramway

Modern tramline connecting the cities of Mestre and Venice

Mass Transit
  • Venice, Italy
  • Mass Transit
  • Completed: 2010


Total investment


  • Entered service 2010
  • 20 km of track
  • 15,000 people transported a day
  • 20 Translohr STE4 trams in service


The Venice tramway network is a public transport system serving the municipality of Venice. The project is divided in two sections: line 1, connecting Favaro, Mestre and Venezia, with an overall length of 14 km and line 2, connecting Mestre with Marghera with a total length of 6 km.

The new public transport system consists in a rubber-wheeled rail-guided tram that runs on a central monorail, fixed to a running platform in reinforced concrete with a suitably roughened surface, wide enough for the maximum encumbrance of the wheels.

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