Mass Transit

The Group’s expertise in designing and building mass transport systems makes it a very popular choice for densely populated cities and city centres.

In Singapore, the execution of the Mass Rapid Transit system required the adoption of special equipment for very tight curve radius.
In Padua instead an innovative transport system was realised consisting of a tramway with rubber wheeled streetcars with bidirectional drive. Quiet, light and with minimum impact on the urban surroundings.

Rizzani de Eccher has carried out many railway and urban mass rapid transit projects. Among these, Manila’s Light Urban Railway in the Philippines, London’s Docklands Light Railway, the Bukit Panjang MRT line in Singapore, the Millennium Line in Vancouver and again the Richmond – Vancouver Airport line, the tow lines of Dubai LRT and the high-speed train link Oued – Tlelat – Tlemcem in Algeria, with a total line length of 132 km of which 20 km of overhead viaducts. These are just a few of the projects where Rizzani de Eccher is involved with its innovative and flexible technologies which allow for execution periods otherwise impossible to achieve.

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