Jamal Abdul Nasser Street Development

Technological solution to tackle congestion in Kuwait City

Motorways & Roads
  • Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • Bridges & Viaducts, Motorways & Roads
  • Completed: 2022


Total investment




  • Precast yard 130,000 m2;
  • total number of precast segments 7,000 pcs.


Construction, completion and maintenance of roads, overpasses, storm-water drainage, sewer, and other services for Jamal Abdul Nasser Street.

The Jamal Abdul Nasser Project (also known as RA 167) is one of the major infrastructures and road development projects taking place in the State of Kuwait and is part of the Ministry of Public Works strategic plans to enhance motorways and roads in the State of Kuwait.

The project is a substantial upgrade of the main traffic artery of Kuwait City. The aim was to upgrade the status of Jamal Abdul Nasser Street to that of an expressway through the construction of over 370,000 m² of segmental viaducts, including four interchanges and other pertaining structures.

The Project has transformed and upgraded the existing street into a motorway that adheres to international standards. 50 years of future traffic flow is accommodated by providing a series of complex bridges and elevated highways along the length of the project and at intersections.

It consists of various roadworks along the main Jamal Abdul Nasser Street being a mainline with 6 to 8 lanes limited access highway of 10km, linking roads of 4 to 6 lanes of 1km, ramps for interchanges with 1 to 3 lanes of 11km, service roads mostly 6 lanes underneath viaducts of approximately nine (8.7km) on Jamal Street and 3km on Link Roads including 3 interchanges and 9 roundabouts.

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