Widening works of the A4 Venice-Trieste with the third lane of the section called Lot II

Construction of 10 overpasses and ramps

Motorways & Roads
  • Italy
  • Bridges & Viaducts, Motorways & Roads
  • Ongoing (Completion date: 2026)


Total investment


  • Average surface area of the decks 1.280 m²;
  • Number of spans per deck 3;
  • Steel structures 3,700 t.
  •  Concrete 10,000 m³;
  • Reinforcing steels 2,800 t.


The works, being carried out on behalf of the Concessionario Autovie Venete SpA and the Commissario delegato per l’emergenza della mobilità concerning the A4 (Venice – Trieste section) and the Villesse – Gorizia junction, are preparatory activities for the works to widen the A4 with the third lane of the section called Lot II and specifically the execution of no. 10 highway crossing works (overpasses and related access ramps) in the section between San Donà di Piave and the Alvisopoli Junction in Sub-lot 2 and Sub-lot 3.

The works are in the municipalities of Noventa di Piave, San Donà di Piave, Annone Veneto and Portogruaro in the province of Venice and in the municipality of Cessalto in the province of Treviso.


Companies involved

Rizzani de Eccher

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