Attention to the environment and the “green” utilisation of eco-friendly resources have led to a new way of thinking in environment engineering.

Over the past few years Rizzani de Eccher has been actively involved in the execution of water treatment and distribution networks, employing the latest technologies and maintaining as overriding principle the preservation of the environment and its eco-system. 

Water treatment, waste disposal and pollution drainage have always been central themes for Gruppo de Eccher, active also in environmental engineering

The Friulian Lowlands Treatment Plant has played a key role in solving the pollution of the lagoons of Marano and Grado, caused by industrial and organic waste carried by tributary rivers.The plant has a capacity to process effluents for up to 700,000 inhabitant-equivalent units.

Treatment of effluents is a fundamental and mandatory requirement of developing countries. At Montego Bay, in Jamaica, the project involved laying over 30 km of pipelines and the construction of 9 pumping stations in addition to the main water treatment plant.

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