I-395 Revitalization Bridge

''Bridge for the Ages'', that will redefine the Miami skyline and its connection to Miami Beach

Bridges & Viaducts
  • Miami, USA
  • Bridges & Viaducts
  • Ongoing (Completion date: 2023)


  • 6 precast segmental arches;
  • Number of Arches segments: 324;
  • Number of roadway segments: 1.839.


Precasting and erection of 6 precast segmental arches, for a total of 324 segments, by means of special arch segment lifters.

Scope of work includes the supply and installation of stays, as well as the supply and technical assistance for cast in place deck and the precasting of 1.839 roadway segments.

Companies involved

Rizzani de Eccher USA Deal Tensa

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