Cuscatlan Bridge

Construction of El Salvador's longest bridge

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  • El Quebracho, El Salvador
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  • Completed: 2000


  • Cuscatlan Bridge lenght 411 m
  • Total number of spans 5
  • Diameter of concrete pile foundations 1.5 m
  • Two access roads (length 900 m and 2,500 m)


Final design and construction Cuscatlan Bridge, as part of CA-1 Panamerican Highway (section Estanzuelas-Sam Lldifonso)
The Cuscatlan Bridge is a double-carriageway prestressed concrete viaducto of 397 m long, with 5 spans and concrete pile foundations of 1.5 m diameter. The project also included the construction of two access roads, respectively 900 and 2,500 m long.

The bridge was erected with an overslung launching girder, using the balanced cantilever method. Construction included excavation and consolidation of riverbanks, pile driving, metal sheet piling, post-tensioning, road paving with bitumen, and installation of electrical lighting systems.

Because the Bridge is located on one of the country’s main roads , the Pan-American Highway , the indirect beneficiaries are more than 7 million, since all of Central America passes through this road .

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Rizzani de Eccher USA Deal

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