Crown Princess Mary Bridge – Frederikssund Fjord Link

Denmark’s first cantilevered bridge in 50 years

Bridges & Viaducts
  • Roskilde, Denmark
  • Bridges & Viaducts
  • Completed: 2019


Total investment


  • Deck surface 25,000 m²;
  • Concrete works 30,000 m³;
  • Asphalt laying 7,000 ton.



The purpose of the project was to replace an old bridge over the Roskilde Fjord, built in 1935, and reduce the serious traffic congestion for the Frederikksund community.

The scope of works included the design and construction of a two-lane highway 8.2km long, a new high bridge, as well as 1 km of approach roads and several smaller civil structures, such as fauna overpasses and cycling lanes.

The highway and bridge cross a site which is an EU Natura 2000 zone. In particular, the fjord zone is home to several bird species, as well as a protected aquatic plant and eelgrass, and is a major refuge for waterfowl. Building here was therefore subject to strict environmental and social requirements, designed both to conserve the fjord’s natural beauty and habitats and minimise undesirable impacts on the local community.

This civil engineering work, completed 3 months ahead of schedule, is Rizzani de Eccher’s first project in Denmark.


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