Neris Bridge

The longest railway bridge in the Baltic States

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  • Jonava, Lithuania
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  • Ongoing (Completion date: 2024)


Total investment


  • Bridge length 1.500 m;
  • Bridge height 40 m.


Construction of a 1,5 km-long railway bridge over the Neris river, near the city of Jonava.
The bridge – the longest bridge ever built not only in Lithuania but in the Baltics – will be erectedf using different types of multiple spans, including cast-in-place from traveler, cast-in-place supported on false work and span by span cantilever.

The project will be implemented in strict compliance with the regulations for the protection of the nearby Natura 2000 site. Therefore, there will be no pillars in the 150 m-wide section spanning the river, in order to benefit both the migration of fish and the growth of vegetation on the bottom of the river.
Being the bridge constructed near residential areas, noise barriers, noise absorbing walls, vibration dampers, as well as special embankments will be built.

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Rizzani de Eccher

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