San Marcos Lempa Bridge

Great work of engineering for one of El Salvador's most important bridges

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  • San Marco Lempas Bridge length 397 m;
  • Total number of spans 5;
  • Diameter of concrete pile foundations 1.5 m;
  • Span lenght: 60m and 25m.


Final design and construction of San Marcos Lempa Bridge, as part of CA-2 coastal highway (section Liquilisco-Tecoluca).
The San Marcos Lempa Bridge is a double-carriageway prestressed concrete viaduct 397 m long, with the same diameter of the piles and number of spans as Cuscutlan. Erected with an overslung launching girder, using the balanced cantilever method. Construction included excavation and consolidation of riverbanks, pile driving, metal sheet piling, post-tensioning, road paving with bitumen, and installation of electrical lighting systems.

On October 15, 1981 the first bridge of San Marcos Lempa, known by Salvadorans as “Puente de Oro” was dynamited by the Guerrilla of the FMLN; the eastern part of El Salvador was isolated from the rest of the country, since the bridge was completely destroyed and the main commercial and road access road was cut at this point. 19 years after its destruction, the bridge was rebuilt.


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