Hathaway Bridge Replacement

Constructed in 2003, it replaced previous bridges that were unable to carry the increasingly high number of users

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  • Panama City, USA
  • Bridges & Viaducts
  • Completed: 2003


  • Total number of segments 544;
  • Width of each segment 24.5 m;
  • Bridge lengths 1,162 and 1,031 m;
  • Maximum span 100.5 m;
  • Total deck area 53,250 sqm.


Final design, fabrication, and erection of 544 segments for the construction of the new Hathaway Bridge of SR 30 over St. Andrew Bay, linking Panama City to Panama City Beach on the gulf coast of Florida.
The segments of the bridge – whose lenghts are 1,162 and 1,031 m – were fabricated on the precast yard, transported to the erection site by barge, and then erected by an overhead launching girder using the balanced cantilever method.
A two-part epoxy was applied to the adjoining faces and acted as a lubricant that allowed the segments to slide together. The epoxy also provided a watertight joint between segments.
The bridge segments were connected together by post-tensioning tendons (a bundle of high-strength strands or cables), through ducts cast-in the segments, which apply a force to squeeze the segments together.

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Rizzani de Eccher USA Deal

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