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Rizzani de Eccher has a vast knowledge in the construction of Data Centers thanks to its experience building the largest DataCenter in Italy and the most advanced data center in Europe, for Supernap International, in the area of Milan, within an area of 100,000 m2 and with the greatest cutting-edge technology, multi-tenant and Tier IV Facility.

We operate a fully integrated design and build capability, coupled with experienced project management expertise from a Civil, Structural, Architectural (CSA), Mechanical and Electrical (MEP) standpoint

We understand the industry requirements around exacting safety, quality and timely delivery as a pre-requisite in this fast-paced sector. To ensure we meet this need, we actively promote a partnership approach which starts with earliest possible stakeholder engagement. We seek to ensure all parties are aligned and working in tandem throughout this process, including Design team, Client Reps, specialist sub-contractors and main capital equipment vendors or suppliers.

From analyzing utility network strength for greenfield site selection to maintaining 100% up-time during a retrofit, we have unmatched hands-on experience in delivering data centers and mission-critical environments.

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