Construction of a new section of State Road no. 514 Ragusana

Rizzani de Eccher SpA has been definitively awarded the contract for the construction of a new section of State Road no. 514 Ragusana named Lot 3, from junction no. 5 “Grammichele” to junction no. 8 “Francofonte” for a length of approximately 18 km.

The contract, worth over EUR 222 million for more than 3 years of works and to be executed by the Group of Companies led by Rizzani de Eccher SpA with its subsidiary Sacaim SpA as well as by the company Manelli, includes the modernisation of the existing section with the widening to 4 lanes along which the execution of important works of art and secondary road works is foreseen.

The strengthening of Rizzani de Eccher’s presence in the Italian market of large infrastructure works continues on behalf of the country’s major contracting authorities and under the sign of the recovery plan represented by the PNRR.

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