DEAL and TENSA INDIA to supply equipment and cable-stays for the Versova Bandra Sea Link (VBSL) in Mumbai

It will take place in India the most important project in the history of DEAL, a company of the Rizzani de Eccher group specialized in the design and manufacture of machinery for the construction of infrastructure works such as bridges, viaducts, tunnels and harbor jetties. The contract, signed by the Indian conglomerate specialized in the infrastructure sector Apco Infratech Pvt Limited, concerns one of the most important highway projects in the Subcontinent, the Versova Bandra Sea Link in Mumbai, a huge work that will ease traffic congestion in the Indian megalopolis.

The project, which Apco Infratech will carry out in joint venture with Webuild, is a viaduct with a total length of 17.7 km that extends into the sea at a distance between 900 m and 1800 m from the coast.

As part of the construction of the Versova Bandra Sea Link, in July 2022 DEAL was awarded directly by Apco Infratect the job for the supply of specialized machines for prefabricating and launching of the prefabricated elements.

The project also includes an iconic work: a cable-stayed bridge with a span of 150 m for which the local subsidiary of Rizzani de Eccher TENSA INDIA will supply and install the cable-stays.

Thanks to this contract, DEAL confirms its worldwide leadership in supplies of this kind, which concern projects that require the use of technologically advanced machinery having reduced environmental impact and high performance: large lifting and load capacities with reduction and optimization of the weight of the equipment.


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