Deal is involved in Gran Paris Express Project

Deal, Gruppo de Eccher’s company, now is in the French capital

As part of the project Gran Paris Express Project, an extension of the current Paris Metro Network with additional 205 km required to develop the so called “Greater Paris” within 2030, DEAL has been awarded for the supply of No. 2 Span by Span Launching Girders for the erection of one of the lots.

The equipment has to erect spans which maximum length is 35m and their maximum weight is 590 tons and it will be capable of erecting, by shortening its length, closing spans next to already built spans.

DEAL equipment has been chosen from our client for their reliability and proven capability to guarantee the erection cycles required to meet project milestones.

The challenge of our engineering department will be to customize the equipment lifting system for the peculiar segmental cross section adopted for the project – which foresees a central “table” 1,8m high and 2,2m wide – to be handled without any embedded bar.

Solutions proposed by DEAL once again made the difference giving a small but substantial contribution in the development of an important network as it is the “Paris Metro” for the French Capital.

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