Construction and modernization of Pharmanutra new headquarters and manufacturing plant

Life Science
  • Pisa, Italy
  • Life Science
  • Ongoing (Completion date: 2023)


Total investment




  • Building area 5.200 sqm (2.200 sqm manufacturing activities, 1.600 sqm executive activities, 1.500 sqm complementary activities);
  • Outdoor area 10.000 sqm.


Construction and modernization of the new headquarters, as well as the new pharmaceutical and nutraceutical laboratories and manufacturing plant for the pharmaceutical group PharmaNutra, located in the proximity of the San Rossore National Park near Pisa.

The project will enable PharmaNutra to fully control the production and become more effective and autonomous in its R&D operations. The new site will indeed house one of Europe’s most innovative molecular biology laboratories, representing an opportunity for collaboration with both italian and international leading universities and institutes.
Designed to comply with the highest technological, ergonomic, and energy efficiency standards, the new building, intended to host executive activities and complementary services, will also be an example of sustainability and attention to employee well-being, which takes shape in the implementation of large green spaces and areas for relaxation and conviviality, including a gym.
Offices will occupy approx. 5.200 sqm, on a site with an outdoor area of 10.000 sqm.

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