Industrial Buildings

Rizzani de Eccher has experience in industrial development, from logistic department stores to data centres and production facilities, including work on live sites. We work in all business classes, bringing our skills and expertise to merge our proven and trusted experience with new ways of doing things that allow you to make successful projects of any scale and type.
Industrial activities leave a strong mark on the surrounding territory and on the consumption of resources. The wealth of expertise acquired over the years in industrial buildings in Italy and abroad allows Rizzani de Eccher to identify the most suitable construction solutions and to apply them in an innovative manner to the construction of industrial buildings.
Gruppo de Eccher has met many challenges in the effort to combine the functionality of industrial buildings with aesthetics and environment sustainability.
The Alenia Aerospace plant in Turin for the production of high-tech components for the aerospace industry represents such an example.
For the main factory of Gruppo Perfetti in Lainate, architect Marco Casamonti has designed an innovative cladding solution, utilising glass discs of various sizes to create a curtain wall of remarkable visual impact.
The harmonious blending with the surrounding area is very important for large industrial buildings, as testified by the Vesta building in Mestre and the Sunfil factory in Maniago.
Gruppo de Eccher has been involved in important industrial projects in Italy and abroad for industries as diverse as tanneries, textiles, footwear, steel, light machinery, food processing and many others.

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