Cattinara Hospital

First class health facility

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  • Trieste, Italia
  • Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Ongoing (Completion date: 2026)


Total investment




  • Area of 220,000 m²;
  • more than 700 new beds;
  • two main towers 55 meters high.


The project involves the expansion and renovation of the Cattinara Hospital and the construction of the new headquarters of the Burlo Garofolo pediatric hospital.

The Burlo Garofolo will consist of 6 floors above ground and will have facades with green roofs. From the pedestrian entrance, a spiral staircase will lead to a lounge with educational ateliers, internet points and lounges, while the little patients’ rooms will have a sofa to accommodate their parents as well.

The redevelopment of the Cattinara aims to create a connection between the two towers, one medical and the other surgical.

Companies involved

Rizzani de Eccher

Our group

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Specialized contracting

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