Korle-Bu Maternity Block

New cutting endge block with modern technologies for the Korle Bu Maternity hospital

Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Accra, Ghana
  • Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Ongoing (Completion date: 2025)


Total investment


  • 400 beds;
  • 12-storeys;
  • 20  delivery rooms;
  • 26 recovery wards.


Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) is a Premier Health-Care Facility located in Accra and affiliated with the Medical School of the University of Ghana. Three Centres of excellence, the National Cardiothoracic Centre, the National Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the Radiotherapy Centres are part of it. However, the existing maternity facilities at Korle-Bu are not sufficient to satisfy the patients’ current and growing demand for such services.
The project envisages the construction of a new very high modern standard Maternity Facility (approx 5,200 sqm) at Korle-BU Teaching Hospital, close to the existing Maternity Block to be converted into a new Gynecology Block and will enable collaboration across the departments.
The new building will have a capacity of 322 beds distributed in 9 floors, plus a basement and an inner courtyard, with all necessary hospital technologies, as well as data, video, and voice communication systems.

Companies involved

Rizzani de Eccher

Our group

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