The New Salesi Maternal and Infant Hospital

A high-end medical facility built withinnovative design techniques

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  • Ancona, Italy
  • Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Ongoing (Completion date: 2022)


Total investment


  • Over 120 beds.

Construction of the new highly specialized “”G. Salesi”” maternal-infant hospital structure, planned within the University hospital area of Ospedali Riuniti – Umberto I °, in Torrette in the Municipality of Ancona.

The project, which enhances the peculiarity of the structure as a highly specialized center, a clinical-scientific center of excellence for the health of children, women and couples, is conceived with criteria of flexibility that allow to modify its functional structure without compromising the coherence of the architectural complex.

Scope of works include:

  • construction of the new building of pathological anatomy – morgue;
  • construction of a new ecological island;
  • demolitions;
  • resolution of interferences and relocation of subservices;
  • new maternal-infant hospital building “G. Salesi“.

Companies involved

Sacaim Rizzani de Eccher

Our group

General contracting

Specialized contracting

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