NY Google Headquarters

New Google Headquarters in the heart of Manhattan using precast technology

Office Buildings
  • New York, USA
  • Office Buildings
  • Completed: 2021


  • Number of segments 298;
  • Concrete 3.138 m3;
  • Reinforcing steel 777 tons;
  • Structural steel 240 tons.


Construction of the precast concrete core for the new Google Headquarters.
Scope of work included the pre-casting, transportation and erection of the precast core segments.
The precast segmental technology – traditionally used for the superstructures of bridges and viaducts – has been applied to the 12-storey double-precast cores building located in Manhattan, New York.

Each precast core is made of 7 walls linked together at each floor by means of steel beams welded to structural plates embedded in the precast segments. The cores’ aim is to support the building’s structural steel, as well as the precast stairs and elevator slabs that were as well welded to steel plates embedded in the precast segments.
The precast core also served as architectural finished walls. A particular wood-like concrete finishing was realized by installing panels on the casting mold to produce the segments.

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Rizzani de Eccher USA Deal

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